Last update: 22/03/2016 21:18

Is “Agile” Dead?

Not so long ago, we have come across some “Agile” presentations and some articles dedicated to agility in which it is stated that “Agile Is Dead”!

We disagree with that strong statement, whomever may have come to write it.

However, we think that the very spirit instilled by the pioneers of the Agile Manifesto is in great danger because of the "disgusting" practices that turn to be only commercial oriented.

Many companies do turn to Agility nowadays because they get a sense of urgency: no matter how deep the control they put in place there seems to be no favorable impact … projects are no better delivered on time, nor are they within the boudanries of the allocated budget, the quality is still poor, etc. The usual litany is no shorter! They need to try something else and that is “Agile”.

With this acknowledgement come many companies offering “Agile” advices to the ones wanting to turn to Agility—and to be clear, Lato Sensu Management is one of them— but it is often more as cmmercial opportunity than anything else. This is where we have lost the “Agile” spirit!

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