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Make It Possible to Test Without Planning: AAA Testing

Testing can be thorny

Agility: the power of moving quickly and easily. Ability to think and draw conclusions quickly; intellectual acuity, this is what we need to bear in mind when we speak about "Agile Methods"!

To be able to test soon and often, without too much planning, is essential to create astounding products. Here's quickly what this is about.

The Importance of Testing

Agilists know the importance of testing. It is that crucial to them that they have made testing an integrated part of the development activity: there should be no distinction anymore … design, build and tests are one.

AAA Testing: Anything, Anywhere, Anytime

Being able to test at any given time, anything you want, and possibly in any sort of configuration, helps you design extreme products that otherwise would not have been made possible.

What is true in software development is also true in many other domains. Here is a quote that we have extracted from the APEX documentary: Our Factory is actually a former fighter jet squadron hangar. Here we can go 24/7 any day any time, to test whatever we want to test with very little planning. As soon as we come up with an idea for an engine tweak, a gearbox tweak, break pads, break discs, or aerodynamics, whatever really, we can just go out and test. That is quite unusual, even for large car manufacturers, to have that opportunity. It has really shaped what we were doing and it is the reason why our cars can be so extreme as they are, as we, anytime can go out and test drastically — Christian van Koenigsegg in APEX: The Story of the Hypercar


  1. AAA Testing is a philosophy to organize the whole development pipeline so that testing is possible with almost no constraint for all the parts that are designed and developed.
  2. AAA Testing permits to build products that are way beyond what usual products are because it unlocks creativity by shaping it in real experience.

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