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It is strange to see how few parallels are made between team work in companies and team work in the sporting world.

In order to play aces the tennis player trains a lot. Every movement is scrutinized to see how it can be improved with 1 (and only 1) objective in mind: how can he best serve to win the point. The tennis player practices serve about 100 times more (rough approximation) than he serves in real matches.

When taking the example of the soccer/football game, it is not unusual to see players repeating a figure dozens of times just to be ready for 1 single (if any) similar figure in a real match. By practicing they not only try to improve the figure, but they also get used to each other, which is more important in our opinion. They build trust in themselves and in peers. They learn how teammates breathe! Same thing in a basketball team, and in many team sports.

It is strange that what we see in sport is not mimicked in our IT Teams. Our word is simple: even if there is no match to play, never stop practicing, all domains.

In fact, at Netflix they have invented the “never stop practicing” concept of “Chaos Monkey”: they create random failures to see how resilient what they build is and how people and teams react to unexpected events. That is a way to entertain practice. That is kata!

Similarly, musicians have to practice, even masters, so that their fingers run down the piano keyboard without even knowing it! It becomes inconscious competence, something you do not know you know.

In real-life's companies, we do not practice, or worse, we practice on the real job. Strange, isn't it? We call for time to practice in Agile! Would you join?

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