Last update: 02/06/2016 13:53

Étiquette de démo

Nous reprenons ici les règles de démo sous forme condensée pour que vous puissiez reprendre les éléments et les intégrer rapidement dans une présentation. Nous les donnons ici en anglais pour être utilisées facilement dans des environnements multiculturels.

Rule #1: DO take notes; DO NOT interrupt (Q&A will start at the end of the demo). Questions may very well be no interruptions when they favor the comprehension of the rest of the demo — raise your hand.

Rule #2: DO focus on the demo; DO NOT touch your PC, your (smart)phone, your tablet (except for demo related stuff).

Rule #3: DO NOT start private chats with your beloved colleagues.

Rule #4: DO comment (flaws and qualities) after the demo with courtesy.

Rule #5: DO express yourself referring to your OWN feeling (DO: I personally feel that…; I would rather do it this way; …; DON'T: You should…; You must…; You…

Rule #6: BE assertive (with courtesy); DON'T be shy!

Rule #7: DO suggest, propose, recommend, comment, … We need YOU!

Thank You

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