Last update: 16/08/2020 13:47

Get Your Labels

In all the applications you've created, how many times have you coded the same labels over and over again?

How many times have you coded the same labels such as: first name, last name, address, street, postal code, city, country, email address, username, password, invalid password, forgotten password, comment, ...? And how many times have you translated them into 2 or 3 languages (or more)? Tell us! How many times?

Well, that's exactly what the label service is for! A database of labels (and much more), easily queryable via a crystal-clear service to get the label you want.

This service is more subtle and deep than you might think and we only show you the top of the iceberg here.

As time goes by, we will refine the approach and will propose you the finesse of our own use: labels that do not yet exist and whose translation is requested asynchronously, a download of all the labels (all the database), the updating of labels, etc.



<lang>: ISO 639-1 language code

<label>: The label you're looking for (always preceded by a $)

<parameters>: xml to get the return in XML format; otherwise JSON is the default format


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