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Project Management

Agility: The ability of moving quickly and easily. To think and draw conclusions quickly. Intellectual acuity.

We use agile methods since 1988, at a time the "agile" term wasn't coined yet, and of course we didn't know that we used lightweight methods. We are fans of Agility! Should you be too, then have a look at SAMBA, our Scalable Agility Model for BAnks (and other financial institutions), applicable to any company that wants to scale Agility.

Lightweight methods is not the only domain where we show some excellence. We are fans of CMM (and CMMi), which deserves attentive reading and comprehension. We do excell particularly in levels 2 and 3 of CMM(i). We can combine it with Prince 2 that we have declined our own way in 6 phases: start-up (P1), initiation (P2), analysis (P3), build (P4), deployment (P5) and closure (P6). We even combine it with Agile should we in a position to do so.

We provide many articles in direct relation with Project Management, some completely new, some very personal, many open to debate.

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