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L(i)VID is the name of a formula whose purpose is to order initiatives/projects per priority (not per value!) in a Project Portfolio. It stands for Labor, Value, Importance, (desired launch) Date. The 4 parameters are all the formula needs to tell you in what order projects should be started ... provided the organization can indeed pull the project (understand has capacity available).

The formula is a mix of processes inspired from different IT Companies, as an attempt from our side to make the "Project Election" process leaner and very much debarrassed from many of the disgusting practices that we found in many organizations such as bargaining, lobbying, inflating the future benefits of the projects, diminishing the risks, etc. By having a formula plain for all to see and to understand, we have followed one of the principles of true Agility: transparency.

Later on, we made L(i)VID the very basis of a larger model, a model of Agility for any company where Software Development is critical to the company.

And later again, based on L(i)VID and Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), we have declined yet another model, SAMBA, better than L(i)VID itself (at least for Banks and other Financial institutions), which is supposed to be completely defined in 2015.

The formula

The L(i)VID formula has been extensively covered in issue 10 of BankOO.

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