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Quitus is our SME Enterprise Suite.

It contains 3 Foundation modules:

  1. Invoices
  2. Contacts (amongst which Customers & Suppliers)
  3. Stock & Inventory

... and a number of Satellite modules such as:

Quitus works on an annual subscription basis of 300 EUR/year (VAT not included).

The subscription is not tied to the number of modules the client uses: as soon as we feel a new module is ready, it is available to all our clients at no extra cost!

Lato Sensu currently works on a total of 42 modules, which will be released bit by bit.

More detail on our Quitus website:

Email Configuration

Imagine that you have registered a website with us whose name is "".

John's email address is

Then ... the user account that John must use is "".

The POP3 (incoming mail) server is

The SMTP (outgoing mail) server is (but remember to use the host that has been communicated by your access provider; for Proximus, the SMTP server should be set to

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