Last update: 23/03/2016 07:23

SAMBA – Scaled Agile Model for BAnks (and other Financial Institutons)


SAMBA stands for Scaled Agile Model for BAnks. Actually, the model applies to a large set of big organizations, which have a common pattern: try to combine the work of several software teams to create Business Value.

The model is sliced in 3 layers, what we call levels:

  • Aspiration level: the level at which initiatives are started that implement the Hedgehog Concept of the organization (that is the long-term vision)
  • Factory Level: the level where the software gets built
  • Integration Level: the level at which what the Factory Level has produced is integrated to produce the overall Business Value


Banking Is Essential, Banks are not!Bill Gates

Banks are IT companies; only many of them haven't noticed yet –

Banks must evolve in many different directions. They must offer the real services that are needed by their clients, in a way that satisfies them. They also need to reorganize internally as to be able to meet the never decreasing speed at which new products and services must be offered to their customers. Agile is one way to reorganize in pretty much the same way IT companies create software today!

SAMBA is a journey that is designed to take banks from what they are today to what they need to be tomorrow.

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