Last update: 23/03/2016 07:23


<UIKey> is a Universal Key database. It stands for Universal Identification Key. <UIKey> is “The barcode of the web“!

A “key” is associated to an Internet address: “Lato Sensu Management” (the key) is linked to “” (the Internet address:URL)

A key can point to another key: “LS” (a key) can point to “Lato Sensu Management” (another key)

A repository is used to store the “key” perĀ “URL” association: this is the physical database, which we call the repository.

Everybody can register keys: individuals, companies, governmental bodies, organizations can all register keys. Key registration is free!

It works on the “first in”, “first served” principle: the first one to register a key is the owner of the key.

A key can be up to 120 characters.

All keys are unstructured: 148 different chars possible.

Each key is unique.

2,700e+260 possibilities (2.7 followed by 260 « 0 »)

The repository can be queried via simple web services (XML returns). The web services are categorized in what we call protocols. A number of protocols are provided to interact with <UIKey>: “w”, “f”, “cat”, … All protocols are documented on the API page of <UIKey>.

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